October 28, 2020

CEO Chris DeWolfe Interview: Jam City Games & AI

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By Zak Wojnar

As cell phone technology advances at a rapid pace, mobile video games have become more and more advanced. Today, mobile gaming is a multi-billion dollar market, with the larger titles grossing even more money than many of the biggest mega-budget console titles. One of the companies making waves in the mobile game space is Jam City, led by MySpace co-creator Chris DeWolfe.

Jam City’s titles range from the simple-but-addictive “Match 3” formula of Frozen Adventures to more involved experiences like Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Many of their biggest titles are based on preexisting franchises, allowing players to have fun in familiar worlds from the comfort of their mobile devices. Moreover, Jam City’s roster of games use advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to determine which parts of the game players enjoy most and tailoring the experience to the desires of each individual user.

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