April 19, 2019

Chris DeWolfe: His Space at the Top

Jam City, News, Press

Chris DeWolfe’s entrepreneurial instincts paid huge dividends for the pioneering social media platform MySpace. He’s doing it again with Jam City, the mega-popular mobile game developer.

Few entrepreneurs have experienced the successes of Jam City CEO Chris DeWolfe. Over the past 15 years, he started two companies that have been pivotal in redefining the technology industry in Los Angeles. Both ventures exceeded $400M in annual revenue, and each solidified the city’s reputation as a home to the media and gaming industries.

In 2003, DeWolfe co-founded MySpace, the world’s first social media and networking platform. Two years later he sold it to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for $580M. By 2007, according to ComScore, MySpace was larger than both Google and the nascent Facebook, with more page views and more time spent on its site. At its height, MySpace had more than 130 million users worldwide. DeWolfe stepped down as CEO of the company in early 2009, sensing another opportunity on the horizon. He believed that the proliferation of smartphones would likely propel the mass adoption of mobile gaming. And he was right.

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