June 12, 2017

Former MySpace CEO Makes A Comeback As A Mobile Gaming Hitmaker

Jam City, News, Press

By Kathleen Chaykowski

Château-Crème-a-Lot is a digital fortress of giant wafers, dipped cones and marshmallow swirls. It’s one of several dessert islands where the bright-eyed Chef Panda solves puzzles with shaped chocolates to earn ingredients to make everything from cookies to cake pops on a quest to be the best confectioner.

Sounds silly, but it’s serious business. Chef Panda is the star of Cookie Jam Blast, a new game by Jam City, a seven-year-old mobile-gaming company in Culver City, California. It’s a spin-off of Jam City’s most successful franchise, Cookie Jam, which has been downloaded more than 100 million times and generated about half a billion dollars in revenue since its 2014 debut.

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