August 9, 2017

Jam City CEO Chris DeWolfe Talks Mobile Gaming Strategy—And A 2019 IPO

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By Susan Karlin

It’s not easy following a wise-ass robot and one-eyed spaceship captain. But Jam City CEO and MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe held his own as he thanked a packed audience of enthusiastic fans and industry folks who turned up at Hollywood’s Avalon Theater in June for a staged reading with the Futurama creators and the cast of its classic episode, “Proposition Infinity.”

The event launched the June release of the Futurama: World of Tomorrow mobile game from Jam City and subsidiary Tiny Co—its fourth venture with 20th Century Fox and the first mobile game to adapt a TV show no longer on the air. Instead of simply licensing a current intellectual property to cross-promote, this game utilizes the original creators, writers, and voice-over cast from the 1999-2013 animated Fox series to create new storylines within the gameplay.

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