Creator Program

Release Notes

Balance Changes:

  • Mad Scientist is now a Legendary Card.
  • Sniper is now a Rare Card.
  • B Mine is now a Rare Card.
  • Repairman Dan repair speed reduced.
  • Initial repair burst remains the same.
  • Barrel drop timer reduced for League 4 to 45 seconds.
  • Barrel drop timer reduced for League 5 to 30 seconds.
  • Barrel drop timer reduced for League 6 to 15 seconds.


We are very happy to see how the game has been received by our players in the past few months! We have been busy improving many aspects of the game, and this update includes the first batch of those improvements, including performance and matchmaking. Perhaps the biggest change of all is that Air Chests will now be awarded to players that win the match, instead of being part of the battle.

Balance Changes:

  • Barrel Now Drops 1 minute into battle.
  • Mad Scientist cost reduced by 1
  • Mad Scientist Health increased by 90%

Balance Changes

  • Troop Trap size increased.
  • Air Strike cost increased by 1.
  • Snowflake Freeze Range increased from 14 to 22.
  • Hurtbot Poison damage increased.
  • Hurtbot Poison duration increased to 12 seconds.
  • Dr. Death Poison trail duration increased.
  • Dr. Death Poison trail damage increased.
  • Dr. Death Poison damage increased.
  • Dr. Death Poison radius reduced.
  • Spell Grounding Rod no longer returns Doh to the enemy player when he dies.
  • Yetlings Cost Reduced.
  • Igloo freeze timer increased to 5 seconds.
  • Igloo cost reduced by 1.
  • Bunker health reduced by 20%.
  • B.Mine core explosion damage radius increased by 17%.
  • Sir Your Bomb / Sir Your Dynamite explosion damage reduced by 20%.
  • Safety Dome can now be placed near corners so that it almost hugs the Towers.
  • Discombobulator Ray duration reduced by 1 second.
  • Healbot Healing increased by 40%
  • Catling Gun Cost reduced by 1.
  • Catling Gun range increased from 14 to 16.
  • Catling Gun damage reduced by 25%.
  • Major Fire attack speed improved, from 0.5 attacks per second to 0.4 per second.

Balance Changes:

  • Cheerleading squad cost reduced to 3.
  • Barbarix cost reduced to 6.
  • Chill effects also apply 2x damage.
  • Confetti Health reduced by 20%.
  • Reduced the number of bees created by Beehive by 1.
  • Reduced the number of waves from Fishtank by 1.
  • Discombobulator Ray damage multiplier reduced by 50%.
  • Discomobobulator Ray base duration increased by 2 seconds.
  • Cybuck now only attacks ground units.
  • Buck attack speed slightly improved.Major Fire attack speed slightly improved.
  • Mr. Poof spawn time increased by 1.
  • Troop Trap health increased by 150%.
  • Increased Teleportal duration.
  • Rod health increased to 900.
  • Buck Range increased to 16.
  • Bee health increased by 5%
  • Major Fire Damage increased by 35%
  • Piranha health increased by 50%