September 8, 2022

A Professional Growth & Development Journey: Hear From Jam Citizen Lexi Biglow

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Aside from being an amazing place to work, Jam City is an incredible place to grow your career and explore what you’re passionate about. With a plethora of opportunities to acquire new skills and participate in various projects, professional advancement is strongly supported and promoted here.

Today we’re thrilled to spotlight Lexi Biglow, Sr. Manager of Publishing, and her career journey at Jam City. 

Let’s get to know you! How long have you been a part of Jam City?

August 22nd marked my sixth year here at Jam City!

Happy six year work anniversary Lexi! 🎉What is your favorite part about working at Jam City?

The people and the culture in addition to the diverse group of creatives that I have the opportunity to learn from is what makes my day to day at Jam City so enjoyable. Not only is it an environment where I feel comfortable and supported, but I can genuinely say I have grown both personally and professionally with the help from my peers. 

Describe your role at Jam City. What do you work on? (i.e. studio, team, game, etc)

As Sr. Manager of Publishing, I manage relationships with our key Platform Partners. I work closely as a liaison between the Jam City game teams and our partners to strengthen and grow our incredible portfolio of titles. 

So awesome! Walk us through your career journey and growth at Jam City.

I started at Jam City as the Executive Assistant to our co-founders. Chris, Josh and Aber were in full support when I told them I wanted to explore another opportunity within the company. I’ve now been part of the Publishing team for four years, starting as a Publishing Coordinator.  With the mentorship I received combined with my love of Partnerships, Business Development and Marketing, I’ve been promoted 6 times at Jam City and am now the current Sr. Manager on the Publishing team. It’s been such an exciting and rewarding ride!

Amazing! What is your favorite part of your role?

I love having an outward facing role where I can help strengthen the relationships between Jam City and our Partners. I also love working across all of the game teams and central services. I’ve been able to build relationships with everyone from artists in creative services to producers and product managers on the teams, and all of our amazing execs.

How do you stay both creative and motivated in your career?

It helps that the industry that we are in is so fast-paced, and constantly changing. All of our titles have a robust live-ops cadence, making it really interesting and fun to pitch the new updates to our partners.

What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far? Any advice for those people who want to get into your field of work?

Believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one will! To those looking to break into the tech/entertainment space, I would recommend staying up to date with current trends, playing games, and never be afraid to reach out and try to connect with us! Passion never goes unnoticed.

The most important question: What’s your favorite Jam City game?

While I’m a Harry Potter fan through and through, my Cookie Jam love is real!

Cookie Jam is definitely a classic! Lastly, what’s your go-to karaoke song?

You’re So Vain – Carly Simon

Thank you so much to Lexi for sharing her professional development story and giving us the inside scoop on her role in the publishing space! Interested in becoming a Jam Citizen? Check out our career page for our open roles and follow us on LinkedIn for the most up to date recruiting news!

Sharon Kim

Talent Acquisition Intern, Summer 2022