April 13, 2023

Breaking Barriers and Shattering Glass Ceilings: My Journey as a Vietnamese Immigrant Woman on a Majority Female Executive Team

Blog, Jam City

By Tresa Hoang

As we wrap up Women’s History Month, I took a moment to reflect on my journey as a Vietnamese immigrant woman.  I am filled with excitement and pride. Breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings have been a significant part of my journey, and being part of a female-led leadership team has been a powerful affirmation of the limitless potential of women in the workplace.

As a woman of Vietnamese heritage, I was raised in a world where I always felt different. Being an immigrant at a young age meant that I had to navigate between two cultures – the one I was born into and the one I was growing up in. It was a journey of self-discovery, learning to embrace my heritage while also adapting to my new environment. This experience instilled in me resilience, adaptability, and a deep appreciation for diversity.

Throughout my career, I faced challenges and biases that are unfortunately all too familiar to many women. I encountered gender discrimination, wage gaps, and stereotypes that sought to limit my opportunities and potential. However, I refused to let these challenges define me or deter me from pursuing my goals and ambitions. I believed in my abilities, and I fought for my rightful place at the table.

Today, I am proud to be part of a primarily female executive team that embodies diversity, inclusivity, and gender equality. It is a team that recognizes and values the unique perspectives, talents, and contributions of women. It is a team that champions diversity of thought, promotes collaboration, and fosters an inclusive and empowering workplace culture.

Being part of this female-led leadership team has been an empowering experience. I am surrounded by talented, visionary, and supportive women who inspire me to be my best self every day. We collaborate, we innovate, and we lead with empathy, compassion and inclusivity. We celebrate each other’s achievements, and we lift each other up during challenges. We challenge each other to grow, to excel, and to make a positive impact in the world.

As a mother of two daughters, this achievement holds even more meaning for me. I want to pave the way for my daughters and future generations of women, showing them that they can overcome obstacles, pursue their passions, and excel in any field they choose. I want to be a role model for them, demonstrating the importance of resilience, determination, and self-belief. I want to create a world where they can thrive, free from the limitations and biases that I have faced in my own journey.

As the VP, People and Culture at Jam City, I am filled with hope and determination for a more inclusive and equitable future. I am grateful for the opportunities and support that have enabled me to be part of a female-led executive team, and I am committed to using my platform to create positive change for women in the workplace and beyond.  I am committed to leveraging my position to advocate for gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the workplace, and to mentor and support other women in their careers.

Let us honor the achievements of women past and present, and continue to break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, embrace diversity, inclusivity, and gender equality. I am committed to advocating for these values in the workplace and beyond. Happy Women’s History Month!