June 30, 2021

Celebrating Pride Month 2021 at Jam City

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Pride Month 2021

This year marked the 51st celebration of Pride Month around the world. At Jam City, we celebrated the uniqueness and diversity of our Citizens by highlighting employee experiences and supporting LGBTQ+ gamers. 

Here’s a quick recap of Pride Month at Jam City:

We highlighted Jam Citizens

We kicked off Pride month with a few employee spotlights from our Los Angeles and Montevideo studios (featured on our company LinkedIn, newsletters, and Intranet). Luis Arbit, Andrew Gonzalez, Chris Lindberg, and Spencer Ruelos shared their career journeys, their proudest moments at Jam City, and their work to elevate LGBTQ+ voices. 

It’s difficult to do justice to their words, but here is a quick highlight from Luis:

As a queer activist in Buenos Aires, Luis learned early on to ”not fear violence.” This piece of advice has been pivotal to their career, shaping how they navigate difficult conversations. According to Luis, being open to confrontation when necessary ”can help a team look for solutions outside the comfort zone.”

We hosted a Jam Session on ”The Importance of Living Authentically“ 

We were so excited to hear from Andrew Gonzalez, Santiago Mejias, and Spencer Ruelos at this month’s Jam Session, titled ”The Importance of Living Authentically.“ During the 30-minute Q&A session, our panelists shared their insights into ‘living authentically’ and the impact of inclusive work spaces. 

By creating a space that encourages individuals to bring their whole selves to work, we invite unique perspectives and innovation into our teams. 

We wrapped up the session with a beautiful piece of advice from Andrew: ”Go where you’re celebrated.“

We partnered with GGP for their annual PRIDE Twitch Stream 

Gay Gaming Professionals (GGP) hosted their annual PRIDE Twitch Stream, and we were psyched to be the featured developer. The two-day Twitch event drew hundreds of gamers across the globe. From engineers to product managers to recruiters, our Jam Citizens showed up and spoke on topics ranging from living authentically, to gender representation, to jumpstarting a career in gaming

To our 14 panelists, thank you for sharing your experiences, advice, and encouragement to over 400 members of the GGP community.

Continuing to celebrate Pride

As Chris Lindberg said, ”Pride is a celebration, a protest, and a moment to remember our history.“ As we continue that work, Chris reminds us that the ”LGBTQ+ community is not a monolith. There are so many diverse voices and stories that need to be listened to and celebrated.“ 

Thank you to Luis Arbit, Yash Bharganwar, Nacia Chambers, Joram Clevius, Alex Emmet, Andrew Gonzalez, Simone Heard, Suzy Kong, Chris Lindberg, Santiago Mejias, Brooke McKnight, Jose Najera, Vincent Perea, Francisca F. Phillips, Spencer Ruelos, Jenny Tai, Jackson Wang, and Nicole Zhang for helping Jam City celebrate Pride Month.