September 29, 2021

Combining a passion for research and mobile games: Get to know Shannon Graham of Jam City

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Our teams at Jam City consist of some of the most talented, creative, and passionate people in the industry. Jam Citizens are truly the magic behind our games and we’re excited to spotlight the stories of those who make Jam City what it is, while also pulling the curtain back on some of the most important teams in our studios. 

Ever wonder what players think and feel when unlocking new levels and while engaging in new worlds in our games? Curious about how players personal values’ and likes directly connect to the games they play? These are the exact questions our Consumer Insights (CI) team analyzes regularly. CI is a critical partner to our marketing, UA, product management, business development and game development teams as they represent the preferences of the player. We’re excited to meet with Shannon Graham from our CI team today to learn a bit more about her role on the team:

Thanks for joining us! Let’s get to know you – What’s your name and role at Jam City?

My name is Shannon Graham and I’m the Senior Manager of Consumer Insights on the team. As a Senior Manager in Consumer Insights, my role is to represent the voice of the player and to drive growth through in-depth player understanding. Through surveys, analysis, and player interviews, my team keeps our finger on the pulse of players to inform a variety of business initiatives including concept ideation, go to market strategy and feature development for live-service games. Currently, I’m supporting the San Diego, Burbank, and Los Angeles studios.

What is your favorite part about being a Senior Manager on the Consumer Insights team?

There are so many things that I love about my role. The Consumer Insights team is incredible — best team that I’ve ever been a part of. I also love the teams we support and the work itself — I love understanding our players, what motivates them to play, and how we can continue to engage them.

When you think about your role on the team, what inspires you?

The passion and creativity that everyone at Jam City brings to work with them daily.

With all things going on, how do you stay motivated and creative?

Learning and sharing my knowledge with our teams motivates me!! I’m so grateful to have this opportunity everyday at Jam City.      

Looking back at your career journey, what is the best lesson you’ve learned so far?

Make genuine connections with others. While I’ve had access to different tools and resources over my career, the most important, by far, are the strong relationships I’ve built with people on the teams that I’ve worked with.

There are so many different ways to get into gaming, how did your career in gaming begin?

Two of my passions are research and mobile games. I was able to combine the two when I joined the Consumer Insights department at EA Mobile in 2013.

What advice can you share with those interested in Consumer Insights or breaking into the industry?

Get curious and do some research! Join research groups on LinkedIn, learn about different career paths available in research (e.g., CI, UX Research), talk to researchers and ask questions about their experiences and their work. 

Now we know that every Jam Citizen has talents that go beyond their roles on the team – what’s your secret talent?

A couple of years ago, I took a trapeze course — love flying through the air. It also brings me back to my childhood as a gymnast.