July 3, 2023

How Jam City Celebrated AAPI Month

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The month of May, recognized as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, provided us with an opportunity to celebrate the vibrant cultures and individuals within the AAPI community as a company. We took this occasion to engage and educate our Jam Citizens through various virtual activities and initiatives. Here are some meaningful and lively ways we celebrated AAPI month at Jam City:

Language Tutorial Videos: Introducing Different Cultures

In celebration of AAPI month, a few of our Asian employees generously created language tutorial videos, teaching Jam Citizens basic phrases in their language. These videos not only introduced our employees to different Asian languages, but also provided an opportunity to learn fun facts about various countries in Asia as well. By showcasing our diverse linguistic landscape, we aimed to foster appreciation for the diverse heritage within our company and provide more visibility to Jam Citizens from the same background. Watch some of these videos here!

AAPI Virtual Trivia

In terms of live events, we organized a company-wide AAPI-themed virtual trivia event for our employees. It was not only exciting but enriching, as it provided a plethora of new information about AAPI countries and cultures in the midst of friendly competition. We covered a wide range of topics, starting from famous AAPI figures to different flags of countries within Asia and the Pacific Islands. This interactive activity was an enjoyable way to spark curiosity and promote cross-cultural understanding. 

Jam Session with Kevin Doan: Elevating AAPI Stories

As part of our commitment to highlighting AAPI voices, we had the privilege of interviewing one of our Vietnamese-American Jam Citizens, Kevin Doan. Kevin shared his personal experiences as an Asian American filmmaker, and discussed his new film focused on anxiety and mental health, a topic that is often stigmatized within the Asian community. This vulnerable interview shed light on silent struggles, and touched many of our employees who were able to relate. By providing a platform for Kevin to share his story, we raised awareness and facilitated honest conversations around mental health within the AAPI community.

Spotify Playlist: Celebrating AAPI Artists

We love music here at Jam City, so we curated a Spotify playlist featuring talented AAPI artists. By sharing this playlist, we encouraged cultural appreciation and recognized the immense contributions of AAPI musicians to the global music scene. Check it out here!

Zoom Backgrounds and Slack Profile Pictures: Visible Support

Additionally, we designed custom AAPI-themed Zoom backgrounds that employees could use during video meetings. Take a look here! We also encouraged our team members to change their Slack profile pictures to influential AAPI figures. We believe these small gestures can create a big impact as they serve as visual reminders of unity and support, while also promoting dialogue about influential AAPI figures and their contributions.

AAPI Virtual Library

Moreover, we compiled a comprehensive document with the help of our AAPI employee group containing recommendations for AAPI books, movies, and podcasts. This resource served as a starting point for employees to further educate themselves about AAPI experiences and perspectives in an effort to further amplify AAPI voices and encourage continual learning.

All in all, AAPI Heritage month at Jam City was filled with fun, engaging moments with Jam Citizens along with important learning experiences. We thoroughly enjoyed learning different languages, discovering new genres of music, and learning from talented individuals like Kevin within our company. While all these activities are a step in the right direction, we recognize that celebration and support of a community is never limited to a month in the year. We strive to continue to uplift AAPI voices and embrace diversity to build an inclusive work environment for Jam Citizens from every walk of life.