December 4, 2018

Jam City Sweetens National Cookie Day With First Annual “Season Of Cookies” Event


Jam City is sweetening National Cookie Day by announcing our first annual “Season of Cookies” event, celebrating the Cookie Jam Blast player community. During this event, five players’ cookie recipes will be featured in the game, alongside game pieces based on their treasured family goodies, for a mobile recipe exchange between the millions of players that share a love of baking and the ultimate treat: cookies.

“National Cookie Day is an annual celebration of the joy that cookies bring to people all over the world and it’s a treat to be able to share the magic of this event in our game,” said Shane Nakamura, Vice President of Creative Development at Jam City.  

Each Thursday in December, an in-game recreation of a Cookie Jam Blast player’s favorite cookie will be reimagined as a game piece and incorporated into the gameplay. Players will be invited to access the cookie’s recipe, as well as learn about it’s baker and backstory, by visiting the Cookie Jam Blast Facebook page.

I have a go-to recipe for every bake sale, cookie swap and holiday event, that’s been in family for generations,” said Cindy Dutton, Cookie Jam Blast player. “I’m so excited to share my family’s favorite cookie featured in my go-to game, for all my fellow players to enjoy!”

To kick off this particularly tasty time of year, Cookie Jam Blast partnered with The Rachael Ray Show to celebrate National Cookie Day and the tastes and traditions of holiday baking.

Cookie Jam Blast is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.