November 15, 2021

Leading User Acquisition in the quickly growing mobile games industry: Get to know Winnie Wen of Jam City

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Our teams at Jam City consist of some of the most talented, creative, and passionate people in the industry. Jam Citizens are truly the magic behind our games. We’re excited to spotlight those who make Jam City such a special place, and showcase some of the most important teams in our studios. 

Translating ad data, launching targeted campaigns, building acquisition strategies. Oh my! The User Acquisition team at Jam City is an integral part of how we grow our player base, globally. Often partnering with our Product Marketing and Creative teams, UA builds the strategy behind our promotional and advertising campaigns across our diverse portfolio of games. Today, we’re excited to sit down with Winnie Wen, our Senior Director of User Acquisition, to learn a bit more about her and her key role on the team.

Let’s get to know you! What is your name and how long have you been a part of Jam City? 

I’m Winnie and I’ve been with Jam City for 3.5 years.

What is your role at Jam City? What do you work on? 

I oversee the User Acquisition (UA) team here at Jam City. The UA team is responsible for bringing players to Jam City’s suite of games by working with different partners and executing various strategies. The UA team’s day to day includes analyzing large data sets, managing ad campaigns, and partnering with cross functional teams – there’s never a dull moment in what we do!

What keeps you inspired outside of work?

My spunky 1 year old.  It’s a full time job just keeping up with her and she inspires me to be a  good role model.

What is your favorite part of your role? 

The mobile industry is fairly young even though it has grown tremendously in the past few years. It’s very exciting to play a role in the evolution of the mobile space.

What inspires you in your role? 

As previously mentioned, the industry is constantly changing and evolving. I’m inspired, and motivated, to find the next “big thing” ahead of my peers and competitors.  A little competition is a good thing 🙂

How do you stay creative/motivated? 

The mobile world is our oyster. I love the minimal restrictions and creative abilities in the mobile industry. I keep the creative juices flowing through a variety of means, including staying up to date on what’s trending in the market, working with consumer insights to develop a deep understanding of player’s key motivations to layer that into creative efforts, and a good ‘ol brainstorming with an open-minded approach.

What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far? 

If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts.

How did your career in the gaming industry begin? What made you want to work in mobile games? 

Years ago I noticed a number of jobs showing up on Linkedin that were all in the mobile space, either gaming or ad tech specifically. I had no knowledge or experience of the industry at the time, but from what I saw it sounded fun and exciting so I applied to every available opportunity. I applied to hundreds of positions and was ready to give up, but I heard back from one company and even though I had no industry experience, my skill set was transferrable. I joined the company as a marketing coordinator on the UA team, and the rest is history! I’m very grateful I was given the opportunity.

What advice do you have for those interested in getting into your field of work? Any specific tools, literature, or coursework you would advise? *

My advice would be to play games (preferably mobile), stay up to date on industry news and attend events or conferences to network and learn more in person from those in the roles you aspire to be in. 

What’s your secret talent? *

I focus on building strong and diverse teams. I’m lucky to work with a driven and talented team who always challenges and motivates each other.

Thank you to Winnie for taking the time to chat with us! If you’re interested in learning more about open roles on our UA team or other teams here at Jam City, be sure to check our careers page and follow us on LinkedIn for the most up to date recruiting news.