April 15, 2021

Recapping Women’s History Month 2021 at Jam City

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For us at Jam City, March was dedicated to bringing awareness to all the incredible accomplishments women have had in the world. More women are building careers within the gaming industry, and there are increasing numbers of women spending time playing games. The face of a gamer is changing, and so is the industry. 

We celebrated our Jam City women around the world and across all our studios by highlighting our talent internally and externally. It was great to meet new faces and get to know them better through the different posts we had throughout the month. Many participated on March 8th in the “Choose to Challenge” initiative and shared their pictures. They wore purple and they raised their hand high to reinforce their commitment to call out gender bias, stereotypes, and discrimination every time they see it.

We closed off the month with a Jam Session, with 4 powerhouses within Jam City: Lisa Anderson, Lisa Spano, Vanessa Rouhani and Kristina Cole. In a 30-minute Q&A, they shared their journeys, they inspired others and we learned from their perspectives. A few of them had non-traditional starts in the gaming industry, and through their conversation, they realized they had a few other things in common. When talking about some of the challenges they faced through their journey some of the themes that came up were taking a leap of faith when making a career move, impostor syndrome, and the importance of admitting when you may not have the answer. It is a sign of strength to say “I have not considered that, let me get back to you,” rather coming up with an answer on the spot that may not reflect your true opinion.

Officially this may have been only 31 days of awareness on women’s contributions, but at Jam City we make sure every day is a day when we celebrate uniqueness.