August 3, 2018

Snoopy Pop Game Celebrates Snoopy’s Birthday With ALL-NEW Birthday Levels And Surprise Guest: Snoopy’s Sister, Belle


To celebrate Snoopy’s birthday on August 10, Jam City’s hit mobile game Snoopy Pop is releasing a birthday-themed world map! “Snoopy’s Birthday BBQ” will feature the usual cast of characters, with one exception – one of Snoopy’s siblings will attend the birthday party and appear on the world map!

To determine which sibling would become Snoopy’s guest of honor” Snoopy Pop’s Facebook page posted photos of five of Snoopy’s siblings and asked fans to “like,” or vote on their favorite. The sibling — Belle, Andy, Marbles, Olaf, and Spike — with the most votes would be Snoopy’s guest of honor. After a stiff competition, Snoopy Pop fans voted Belle as the winner.

Meet a few of Snoopy’s other siblings.

Starting Friday, August 10, all Snoopy Pop players will have a chance to see Belle in the “Snoopy’s Birthday BBQ” world map when they reach levels 961 – 980 in the game. Belle will live in the world permanently and as a bonus treat, all players will receive unlimited lives on Snoopy’s birthday, August 10.

Download Snoopy Pop today on the App Store and Google Play and follow them on their Twitter and Instagram pages.