November 4, 2016

Gamertainment: Gaming Goes Mainstream


This past week, Jam City’s President, Josh Yguado, along with Jon Goldman (Harvard AB ’87 – Skybound Entertainment, Greycroft Partners), Larry Kasanoff (Cornell AB ‘81 – Threshold Entertainment), and Rick Phillips (Harvard AB ’85 – 20th Century Fox) had a great discussion on #gamertainment. Hosted by Cornell in Hollywood and Harvardwood, the conversation was moderated by Alex Krivicich (Cornell AB ‘08 – Super Bit Machine).

The future of gaming isn’t gaming, and the future of entertainment isn’t entertainment. The clear borders that once defined these distinct industries and structured the way we’ve thought about them are blurring by the day. Games are becoming motion pictures and movies, TV shows and TV personalities are becoming games like never before. There’s a new paradigm — Gamertainment. Studios now have gaming arms and gaming studios are getting into movie making.