October 22, 2018

Jam City Gives Players Tricks and Treats in the Halloween Spooktacular, Offering Sweet, Spooky Fun Across Line of Hit Mobile Games


Jam City is celebrating and spreading Halloween spirits throughout the month of October with spooky themes and in-game treats for mobile players across the portfolio of hit mobile games. This year’s guilt-free Halloween gaming includes its marquee global franchise games, Cookie Jam and Panda Pop. Along with these two titles, Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game, Cookie Jam Blast and Genies and Gems are all featuring in-game Halloween themes to help inspire players to get into the Halloween spirit, including fan contests, brand new gaming content, costumes, and spooky challenges. Get ready for some in-game Halloween fun to help inspire the holiday with costumes, food and decorations.

Jam City’s Halloween Spooktacular Details:

  • Find Fun in Cookie Jam Halloween Baking: Throughout October, players will find sweet treat inspiration for the Halloween holiday with the kickoff of “Spooky Time,” a special limited time collection event where players can collect white ghost chocolate pieces and earn special prizes running through the end of October. Later in the month, a brand-new quest called “Haunt-air Balloon” will be unveiled – along with a special Halloween treat-themed cookie walk, starting on October 25. On October 30, players will find a new map called “Mary Jelly’s Monster” with 20 fun new, sugar-filled levels. Fans will also find further mouth-watering creations on Cookie Jam’s social channels, with a Haunted Gingerbread House confection and a recipe for a special marshmallow ghost game piece.


  • Discover New, Extravagant Costumes in Panda Pop: Players can take part in the new month-long Halloween Costume Extravaganza for a chance to win prizes and find creative ideas for their own Halloween costume this year. The game offers weekly events throughout October with an opportunity to unveil four brand-new costumes from Mama Panda; including an astronaut, banana, cat, and cowgirl. Along with the month-long Halloween theme takeover, including new looks and levels, there will be several Haunted Dojo, Feed the Dragon, Tour De Pop and Solo Save the Babies events. Players can also enjoy Mama Panda celebrating National Frankenstein Friday on October 26, with her Frankenstein costume. Fans will also get a chance to watch and recreate a special DIY Bride of Frankenstein costume video inspired by Mama Panda across Panda Pop’s social channels to ease any last minute costume questions.


  • Inspire The Inner Halloween Decorator: Mobile games across Jam City’s portfolio will be filled with vibrant, lively and ghoulish decor to inspire any Halloween fan. Dark, spooky streets by the Griffin’s house and puzzle art in Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game, and fall-inspired leaves, Jack-o-lanterns and characters in costumes will help fans and players of these storied games celebrate Halloween in their own way. These unique and ghostly-inspired mobile games for October will lean into the holiday with special colors and iconic figures to bring Halloween to life for mobile players around the world.


Cookie Jam, Panda Pop, Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game, Cookie Jam Blast and Genies and Gems are free to play and available on mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play.