July 24, 2023


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Jurassic World Alive has reached a major milestone and is celebrating a roaring 5th anniversary! It continues to be the mobile game for dinosaur fans to experience their favorite prehistoric creatures in the real world. With over 36M downloads worldwide, Jurassic World Alive is the third IP-based, top-grossing squad RPG game in the US. Check out the latest trailer celebrating five amazing years:

Jurassic World Alive | Celebrating 5 Years Trailer

Fans continue to achieve incredible in-game milestones, including playing the game for over 23B minutes over 2.5B game sessions. For context, one person could watch the entire Jurassic Park movie series over 30M times in that amount of time!

The marvels of Jurassic World Alive are of course its cast of dinosaurs, and fans have unlocked over 500M of them within the game. Fan-favorite Rexy, the world-famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, has had her DNA collected more than 625 million times in the game. And it wouldn’t be a Jurassic Park-inspired world without the goats, and sadly for the goats, over 500M have been eaten within our player’s sanctuaries.

These numbers only offer a glimpse of the community milestones since the start of Jurassic World Alive. Take a look at all the remarkable in-game accomplishments achieved over the last five years:

Jurassic World Alive | 5th Anniversary Community Milestone

From collecting iconic dinosaurs in the wild with friends to engaging in thrilling battles against opponents worldwide, fans have experienced distinctive moments they’ve treasured over the years. For the occasion, we’ve asked our affiliated content creators to share their fondest memories with the community.

Jurassic World Alive – 5th Anniversary (Content Creators)

Jurassic World Alive continues to thrive, with our team consistently working on enhancing the player experience. For instance, the recent introduction of Omegas — a new creature rarity — offers an unprecedented way for fans to level up their team. With more dinosaurs coming in future updates, Jurassic World Alive is far from extinction!

Congratulations to the team for this incredible fifth-year milestone!

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