March 27, 2018

Jam City Employee Spotlight – Brian Sapp, VP of User Acquisition


In our new “Employee Spotlight” series, our goal is to highlight the amazing talent at Jam City. We have over 500 diverse employees across five studios, trailblazing in areas like storytelling, data science and marketing. Meet Brian Sapp, Jam City’s VP of User Acquisition Marketing. Though relatively new to the company, Brian is already making a huge impact at Jam City.

What drew you to Jam City?

I’ve known about Jam City since 2011 from my time at Tapjoy when I worked with the Jam City marketing team. I knew all about the amazing products Jam City was creating and I always heard great things about the company’s culture. So when the opportunity arose to work here, I knew it would be a great next step in my career.

Describe your role on the team.

I oversee the User Acquisition Marketing team. My day-to-day involves setting the UA goals and strategy for Jam City’s portfolio of titles and helping the UA team execute against those goals, and doing my best to make sure any obstacles the team encounters are removed. Another big area of focus for me is marketing creative. From ideation, iteration, to output and testing, the team is focused on delivering the best creative to maximize our marketing efforts. These are just a few of my priorities.

How has Jam City helped your career development?

I’ve only been with Jam City for a short time but it’s definitely impacted my career. Jam City has immense resources – and it really shows. Speaking from a UA perspective, the team can focus on what’s important and execute thanks to our robust data infrastructure – which is a huge advantage. I also love how entrepreneurial the culture is – and how people aren’t afraid to try new things or take risks.

What sets Jam City apart from other mobile gaming companies?

There’s an entertainment culture here that is very strong. Jam City titles are conceived in terms of building entertainment franchises and bigger brands, as opposed to just gaming. Jam City also understands the fun factor that resonates with audiences – which is very important. I’ve overseen a lot of games during my career and I can say, Jam City games are really innovative and fun.

What advice would you give employees about how to succeed in their role?

One of the most important traits to have is intellectual curiosity – especially within UA. People shouldn’t take things at face value, but rather try to dig deeper and understand “the why” which is driven by intellectual curiosity.