August 4, 2020



Care Bears Celebrates Its First-ever Appearance In A Mobile Game App; Designed Specifically for Jam City, Unity Bear Will Be Available To All Panda Pop Players and Encourage Participation in #ShareYourCareDay, Care Bears’ Nationally Recognized Holiday On September 9, 2020 


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LOS ANGELES (August 4, 2020) — Jam City, the Los Angeles-based mobile entertainment company, announced today it has partnered with Care Bears, Cloudco Entertainment’s iconic brand of huggable bears from Care-A-Lot, to debut Unity Bear, a brand-new bear that will make its first-ever appearance in Panda Pop, Jam City’s award-winning mobile game that has more than 140 million downloads to date. Unity Bear, created specifically for Jam City, will be released in-game on Thursday, September 3, 2020.


“Together, we are stronger” — that is Unity Bear’s motto. With more helping hands, more magic and fun can be created. Unity Bear knows there is power in numbers and by embracing our differences and banding together we can do so much for so many. Her belly badge features Care Bear paws folded over one another in the shape of a triangle, the strongest shape in nature. By uniting people all over the world, Unity Bear brings harmony and strength to accomplish Care Bears’ caring missions. 


Starting today, the Care Bears will make their Panda Pop debut and join in on the fun for the next two months. Players are invited to “Unlock the Magic” of Care Bears by blasting, matching, and popping bubbles to level up and earn Unity Boxes full of surprises. Starting September 3, and leading up to #ShareYourCareDay on September 9, Unity Bear will encourage players to participate in acts of kindness on screen — and in their real world communities. 


“The timeliness of this partnership and this message feels so right. Now more than ever is when we should embrace the revered Care Bears brand that has instilled a sense of compassion and kindness in so many of us for nearly 40 years — a message that has been passed down from generation to generation,” said Vanessa Rouhani, Jam City Senior Vice President, Publishing and Product Marketing. “Jam City works to embody much of what Care Bears represent. We want to encourage kindness and to enrich the lives of our community while embracing our differences and uniting for good. We are humbled and thrilled to be a part of the relaunch of such a cherished brand.”


Robert Prinzo, Head of Global Licensing at Cloudco Entertainment, added; “The Cloudco team is excited to introduce Care Bears’ fans to its first-ever mobile game app in partnership with Jam City. We have seen increased digital engagement amongst our fans, as they turn to digital expression to share how they are ‘sharing and caring’ during this time, and we are thrilled to be able to give them another platform to make magic happen. We hope that the release of Unity Bear and her motto ‘Together, we are strong’ will encourage our fans worldwide to come together to celebrate each other’s individual characteristics and unique personalities.”


Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, a 2D animated series featuring an all-new look and mission for the bears, launched in 2019 and follows the Care Bears as they embark on a new adventure from Care-A-Lot to the Silver Lining. Throughout the series, the Care Bears use their belly badge powers to spread messages of sharing, caring, friendship and courage while making sure to have lots of laughs along the way. The famed nostalgic brand also celebrated the relaunch of Care Bears toys with new master toy partner, Basic Fun! Care Bears toys launch at, followed soon after by launches at Walmart and Target’s physical stores as well as and a number of other online and brick and mortar retailers across the US, UK and Canada.


About Jam City

Jam City is an award-winning mobile entertainment studio providing unique and deeply engaging games that appeal to a broad global audience. Led by CEO Chris DeWolfe, former MySpace co-founder and CEO, and COO Josh Yguado, former 20th Century Fox executive, Jam City is the creative powerhouse behind some of the highest-grossing and most enduring mobile games. Jam City’s global franchise Cookie Jam has generated more than half a billion dollars, and Panda Pop has more than 140 million downloads to date. The company also is the go-to studio for Hollywood, having developed immersive, narrative-rich mobile games around iconic entertainment brands. The company’s popular RPG game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was the #1 game in more than 40 countries at its launch in April 2018. Jam City has nine studios located in Los Angeles (HQ), Berlin, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Burbank, Cedar Falls, San Diego, San Francisco, and Toronto. 


About Cloudco Entertainment

Cloudco Entertainment, formerly American Greetings Entertainment, is the owner for iconic entertainment brands such as Care Bears™, Holly Hobbie™, Madballs™, Packages from Planet X™, Twisted Whiskers™, Buddy Thunderstruck™, Tinpo™ and its newest IP, Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese™. Cloudco Entertainment develops multi-platform entertainment franchises across all media channels and extensive consumer merchandising programs that immerse children and adults in brands they love.


About Care Bears™

Introduced in 1982 through consumer products, greeting cards, and later a series of animated television shows and feature films, Care Bears is one of the most popular and endearing children’s properties in the world. Fans of all ages love these huggable bears from Care-a-Lot who inspire all to have fun, share and care. The Care Bears first appeared in their own television specials in 1983 and 1984, followed up with a long-running animated TV series and then made the leap to the big screen in 1985-87 with The Care Bears Movie trilogy. More recently the Care Bears could be seen in Care Bears & Cousins, a Netflix original CGI-animated series launched in fall 2015 and the brand-new Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, a 2D animated series featuring an all-new look and mission for the bears, launched in 2019 on Tiny Pop in the UK and Boomerang and Cartoon Network in the US.