May 10, 2019

USC Games Expo 2019



USC Games, America’s No. 1 game design program according to the Princeton Review, hosted the 2nd annual Games Expo this week. Jam City was the presenting sponsor of the event, which is the largest single-school games showcase in the world allowing students to show off their distinctive takes on tried-and-true gaming conventions created within mediums ranging from console, PC, VR and mobile video games to board games and outdoor-games. The event also featured intense USC vs. UCLA esports grudge matches, with official teams from both schools extending their campus rivalry into the world of competitive gaming.

Chris DeWolfe, CEO and Co-Founder of Jam City, keynoted the festival’s game presentation show and offered advice to graduating students. He said, “I’m continually blown away by the caliber of talent at the Expo who are experimenting with gameplay, gaming styles, and storytelling. It’s energizing to see the level of creativity.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti commented on the event: “Los Angeles is the creative capital of the world – and our talent grows up right here at home. As the gaming industry evolves, L.A. is helping developers and creators to adapt and innovate. The USC Games Expo puts some of our best and brightest on display, and demonstrates the incredible potential of one of our fastest-growing industries.”

Additionally, Jam City handed out 3 ribbons to game projects their executive team considered to be a “Bazillion Dollar Idea”.  These games included Upbeat, Plasticity, and Birdly.